SmartLipo Information Newport Beach

What is Smartlipo?

Smartlipo is a liposuction surgery that uses a small laser fiber to melt away fat in areas of the body. The laser is inserted through a 1 to 2 mm incision in the skin with a tube. The fat cells are broken down by the laser and liquefied, which allows the fat to be removed with gentle suctioning or to be broken down by the body’s white blood cells to be carried away by the bloodstream.

Dr. Hendricks performing a smart lipo neck procedure

What’s the difference between traditional liposuction and Smartlipo?

Traditional liposuction surgery is usually done through larger, more conspicuous incisions around the area that is being treated. Fat stays solid during this procedure and is suctioned out using a strong vacuum. It can cause much less trauma to the tissues if the fat cells are first loosened or ruptured with the Smartlipo laser fiber. Also, using the Smartlipo laser there is less, bleeding, and bruises can be more pronounced and more noticeable afterwards.

It is also recognized that traditional liposuction techniques do not result in significant skin tightening. In contrast, skin tightening has been demonstrated to not only cause a 30% reduction in skin surface area but also continue for up to 9 months following a single treatment session.

Smartlipo’s laser stimulates collagen growth, which can tighten skin after the Smartlipo surgery. This prevents the skin over the area from appearing loose, as it can after traditional liposuction. Smartlipo allows the Dr. Hendricks to be more accurate with fat removal, because the guiding light of the laser can be seen underneath the skin. Smartlipo technique for body contouring results in less blood released as a result of the fat removal, as shown by several recent studies. It has been postulated that with less leaking of blood from the small capillaries after Smartlipo, there is less bruising, fewer inflammatory factors to produce inflammation and pain, and therefore an easier recovery time than more traditional liposuction.

How long does Smartlipo take?

Patients that need only one small area (no more than a pound or two) may be acceptable candidates for either traditional liposuction or Smartlipo under local anesthesia in a doctor’s office. However, Dr. Hendricks has found that this is not the most efficient nor ideal setting for the greatest patient safety and for optimal results. Not only is any liposuction procedure more uncomfortable for patients treated with local anesthesia alone, but the procedures can take 2 to 3 times longer to perform when compared with having the exact same areas treated in an outpatient surgery center with the patient under general anesthesia.

Who is a good candidate for Smartlipo?

People who have a healthy diet and exercise regularly, but are unable to eliminate fat in certain areas are good candidates for Smartlipo. Some people will have areas on their body with more fat than they would like no matter how carefully they watch what they eat or how often they exercise. Smartlipo is not meant to drastically reduce anyone’s weight. Instead, it is used to adjust the way areas like the thighs, face, and arms look. Therefore, people who are in shape or only slightly overweight are ideal Smartlipo patients.

Is a laser used in liposuction?

Yes. At the heart of the Smartlipo body contouring technique is a laser connected to a flexible glass fiber that allows the surgeon to direct the energy at the undersurface of the skin and to the adjacent fat cells. The undersurface of the skin shrinks in the same way (in fact possibly even better) that the way the outside skin shrinks when it is treated by other kinds of lasers for the purposes of reducing wrinkles. To some extent, especially in younger people, the skin will tighten itself. But a laser can be used to shrink the skin from its underside, through the incisions made for the liposuction cannula. This is often done on the neck or chin area.

Newport Beach SmartLipo Surgeon Dr. Hendricks has been specially trained to use the new liposuction techniques. He was the first plastic surgeon in California to obtain the technology and has performed thousands of procedures and has helped many people achieve the look they desire. Contact him today for a confidential consultation about Smartlipo.