SmartLipo: The Procedure

Newport Beach – Orange County – California


Smartlipo could be the procedure you need to finally have the body you’ve always wanted. Many people become frustrated when they work hard to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, but are never able to achieve their dream body. There’s no need to give up on that dream because Smartlipo makes it possible to sculpt and tighten the problem areas of your body that you’ve been unable to change. This minimally invasive, safe procedure offers a great addition to traditional liposuction. The laser aides in literally disintegrating the fat cells, and in the process, allows the skin tone and tightness to improve by 20 to 30%, based upon scientific studies.

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Smartlipo vs. Traditional Liposuction

Liposuction has long been the choice for people who just can’t seem to get curves and definition on their bodies through exercise and healthy eating habits. Traditional liposuction can require lengthy recovery times, large scars, and less than ideal results. Smartlipo uses a laser fiber enclosed in a thin tube that is inserted through a 1-2 mm incision in the skin. The laser breaks down the walls of fat cells and liquefies the fat – allowing it to be removed from the area with minimal bleeding and damage to the underlying tissues. But the most exciting feature of this laser is the dramatic correction of skin laxity or looseness, which traditional liposuction techniques can not improve.

There are many advantages to Smartlipo:

Recovery following Smartlipo Body Contouring in many cases is more comfortable, with less noticeable bruising than is typically seen after traditional liposuction.

The procedure is more controlled and beneficial in areas difficult to treat adequately with typical liposuction techniques because of the use of smaller canulas and the controlled, accurate nature of the surgery.

Traditional liposuction procedures can require doctors to need larger incisions, insert a large metal tube, and vacuum out solid fat. This surgery can be more traumatic to tissues as well as less precise than Smartlipo. The Smartlipo laser has a light that can be seen from underneath the skin. This allows Dr. Hendricks to guide the Smartlipo laser to the areas that are in need of treatment, as well as select the proper depth of the layers needing treatment.

Life After Smartlipo

Smartlipo isn’t for everyone. People who are healthy and only slightly overweight are perfect candidates for this surgery. Smartlipo is not meant to drastically reduce anyone’s body weight. Instead, it will remove that fat that is resistant to diet and exercise that may accumulate in areas of the body such as the face, arms, thighs, and neck. Patients will see more improvements in treated areas after a few weeks have passed. An elastic bodysuit may have to be worn after the surgery in order to reduce swelling and help the body settle into its new shape.

A typical Smartlipo procedure takes about 45 minutes to an hour per area of the body to complete. For most patients side effects are rare. The laser will promote the production of collagen, which has been shown in many cases to improve the overall tightness of the skin in the area. Days to weeks later, patients will notice a dramatic difference in their appearance that will help them feel and look the way they’ve always wanted.

Don’t assume that you’ll never have your perfect body. Smartlipo can help take care of all the areas a healthy diet and exercise can’t change. Let Dr. Hendricks give you the chance to look better than you’ve ever dreamed was possible.

Dr. Hendricks has been specially trained to work with this new and exciting advancement in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Hendricks can speak to you personally about the Smartlipo procedure and whether it is right for you. Contact him today to set up a confidential consultation.